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Bible Study: One Foot in Front of the Other, week three

by on June 24, 2013


Week Three of Four


Abraham and Isaac stepped out in faith and in obedience, each one submitting to their father.  Abraham to Father God, Isaac to his father Abraham. Bring with you an I-can-do attitude; otherwise we may miss out on blessings when God assigns the task to someone else.


GENESIS 6:14 & 7:5GOD tells Noah to build the ark which he does among teasing and humiliation from the community. Noah enters the ark, faith is the integrity of his motive, not to prove to his community that he wasn’t insane after all. Noah did everything God told him to do.  GENESIS 6:22. Note that it is written that only Noah was righteous, His follower.  v 8, 9 there is no mention of Noah’s sons, but God allows his family to enter the ark. 7:1 Here we see once again how God can be trusted. Trust and faith which fosters greater, quicker obedience, it’s an obtainable thing for each and every person! We do not have to be spiritual giants.

Another aspect of this story to consider is that mankind had not ever even seen rain before this flood.

Rain? What is rain? You are speaking gibberish Noah; you have lost your mind. You have been in the sun way too long. This was a sinful nation, do we assume these people were kind to Noah? I doubt it.

How did Noah’s family react to his crazy plans to build this humungous ark?  For an event that had never before been experienced.  Talk about stand by your man! The entire family is now completely ostracized to boot.

How about the labor, just the wood gathering alone would put most men over the edge! The entire family needed to be equally committed, trusting and obedient to the call. Even when it wasn’t necessarily their call; God had not spoken to any of them, He did not need to confirm His word to anyone but Noah because Noah responded and obeyed.


Genesis 6:9 (Read aloud) To say that Noah was righteous and blameless does not mean that he never sinned  V 9:20 It means that he wholeheartedly loved and obeyed God. For a lifetime he walked step by step in faith as a living example to his generation.  Like Noah, we live in a world filled with evil. Are we influencing others or being influenced by them? A little of both?

Noah’s stepping out in obedience was a model of God’s working in tandem with man for establishing His kingdom purposes on earth.  It simply amazes me; God of wonders, walking right beside me!


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