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Bible Study: One Foot in Front of the Other, week four

by on June 24, 2013


Week Four of Four


Noah’s stepping out in obedience was a model of God’s working in tandem with man for establishing His kingdom purposes on earth.  It is simply amazing; God of wonders, walking right beside us!


The book of ESTHER. Particularly chapters Three (Where Haman plots against the Jews), Four  4:13-16, Mordecai tells Esther just because she’s in the king’s palace does not mean she is immune Seven  7:1-6 Esther petitions the king and exposes Haman. Haman’s plan is exactly reversed – the intended victims are the victors! CHAPTER 7.


7:1-4, 5-7, 8-10 Haman’s anxiety and panic caused him to violate palace etiquette by being too close to the couch where Esther sat, or reclined to eat most likely.

Why did they cover Haman’s face?  As a sign of his now being condemned to death.

Remember that evil wins if good does nothing.  Esther’s heart was turned from her h=own self-interests to the plans and purposes of God.

Similarly, does our personal anxiety, however legitimate, insult our Lord? How can we better deal with the significant anxieties each of us faces?

Esther risked her life to approach the king, her timing was impeccable because she was directed by prayer and fasting  4:16 Note that she took the step to  1) pray 2) approach the king.

Consequently, she and the Jews were saved.

Her patience was an aggressive endurance that produced character!

Astonishing, considering the circumstances.  She could have lost her life by approaching the king at the wrong time, and / or by Haman’s plot to kill all Jews.  I think fear would have me run rather than to try to change the political powers that be. “Can’t fight city hall” … Can we fight, if so how?

Prayer and fasting.

No matter what the step is, it is definitely hard to take the first step. Are we wrestling with conflict with patience, with trust? Are we attempting to wrestle against powers and principalities of the air without the enabling help from God’s Holy Spirit?

I find the lives of the lives of Abraham, Noah and Esther causes me to take personal inventory. I hope to find Jesus in the midst of my “inventory”. How about you?


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