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What Do You Turn To During Stressful Times

by on June 25, 2013

Food for thought from Revive


What tyThe hot phonepe of stress management skills or habits have we developed? The list of possibilities can be quite long. Here’s a taste:

The gym, comfort food, smoking, drinking, hitting, starving oneself, screaming, displaced anger, the bar, sports, depression, rages, tantrums, drugs, friends, headaches, road rage, throwing, pounding, tuning-out, sex, self-hatred, escape-reading, eastern meditation and yoga, shame, workaholic, escape-travel, cursing, self-centeredness, driving recklessly, yelling, over-reacting, sensitivity, competitiveness, lack of concentration, sleeplessness, obsessive social media, the silent treatment, OCD, drama, intolerance, hair-trigger temper, withdrawal, flipping off strangers, picking fights, people-pleasing, perfectionism, irritability, chronic tardiness, inconsiderate of others because actually, it’s-all-about-me, I’m stressed out already!

Is it to our demise that we have such a variety of “management” resources? I find it interesting that we have so many euphemisms for basic bad behavior or adult tantrums. Goodness knows I’m not immune to it, I do want to draw attention to it though.

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