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Whatchya doing?

by on July 13, 2013

Interesting & Useful Information from Revive. It’s a Shield must-read!


2.4.20_portable_electronic_devices_istock_000017541294xsmall_265_x_165Are you nice and comfortable, thanks to your electronic device, surfing your favorite websites? Yeah boy! Well sit on back, grab a soft drink and let’s get to it.

We’re glad you are visiting our site because we have something important to tell you. Part of it is something many people have heard over and over again, so many times that it’s a mental yeah, yeah I know response. So, I will save that tired, old familiar statement for last, I’m feeling generous today.

I hope you have been following world news because our local newscasts are being so politically correct that they do not give us all of the news in fear of losing  some of their ratings. So, between world news visual, you have also been seeking the truth via news websites and are finding overwhelming and fearful facts. Well, it’s the truth, America will be under full…

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