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Believe Us Now? Open your eyes and ears folks. Please!

by on July 14, 2013

Police Insider Warns of Martial Law Coming in 2013


Wake Up 2013: AGENDA 21 & WW3

JULY 2013: America Martial Law: Foreign Troops Arrive

Get right with God, this is a life and death situation.

What does tomorrow hold for any one of us?

For YOUR eternal salvation, this benefits me not at all. Pray this in faith, I can’t pray if for you:

Jesus, I am a sinner and I come to You as my Savior. I repent of my sins and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died to cleanse me of my sins, please cleanse me now. You died and rose again, be my personal Savior.


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    Important Info, Please Share This! From My Shield My Refuge

  2. Nam Marine permalink

    That prayer is VERY important!

  3. A big part of God’s judgment (which begins with His own house) is that those whose hearts are full of idols and assume to serve two masters are put in a coma by Him and not to awaken until it is too late.
    Matthew 25 and the five foolish virgins make this clear and is the opposite of what much of the apostate,easy,feminized church is teaching.

  4. Dennis E. permalink

    The world is in decline on all fronts: Economic, social, Earth Changes, and Religious.
    it is collapsing in rhythm.
    Upon his arrival, the Anti-Christ will do amazing feats to include call down fire from heaven which means he will also have some control over Nature. For example, lets say that there is a huge Cat 5 plus hurricane bearing down on the East Coast. He could cause it to cease by speaking to it.

    In regard to this posting, if this is true, then the rapture of the church is at hand?

  5. Bill Rind permalink

    if the police swat enter homes with closed face masks then they will be taken out and their bodies hung from a tree with other swat para military. you treasonous pigs seem to operate in a lawless state, is this what you teach your children to kill and hurt people. you people will be followed and you can bank on that.

  6. laura m. permalink

    Friends and I have recently thrown out/given away many patriot type books, dvd’s, cd’s and binders, etc. No need to keep informing others at this point after decades trying to no avail. Patriots work over five decades has been in vain. Get your house in order now folks, sell or dispose of items not useful and prep for the worse. Get out in the country if possible but most of us cannot/will not.

  7. Bill Rind permalink

    they can do all the beta testing they want, they will be removed when they least expect it. they will be burned out of their office buildings and their military installations. they will be burned alive. the people know exactly who is behind the foreign troops being here and our military’s abetting the enemy. even with all your hi tech equipment, the people will get your families and in laws and what ever is necessary to remove the threat and the foreign troops are not going home they will die here as well as you traitors.

  8. I took a survey,in trinidad,the population voted 65% in favor of nuclear war,and it would be a good thing,if they died,and I assured them they would,BUT not in a fast way,they would see their children fall first,TERRIBLE suffering ,desease ,sickness,a long lingering death,and finaly starvation,sickness and finaly death,BUT ITS OK with americans if they die,no matter what the cause,to HELL with their children,me,me,me,me…….WHEN the WARS over there won’t be many survivors,and thats how americans want it………THINK I’am kidding ,take a survey in your town…………..

  9. WATCHING obama,listening to PUTIN TALK,you could see he understood every word PUTIN SAID,yes obama speaks fluet russian,HE WAS TRAINED IN RUSSIA,AND NOW HE’S HANDING CONTROL OF AMERICA OVER TO THE RUSSIANS,stay asleep just a little longer and you can avoid nuclear war,cause the russians will just come to your house and round up your dumb ass and take you to their fema camps for desposial,THEY GET AMERICA WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT…..and YOUR POLICE GANGS HELP THEM…ROUND YOU UP……………………………….

  10. All important info – thanks for collecting it together. I’ll do my part to spread the word. I love the proverb at the top – very powerful!

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    Too much information like this is adding up to ignore the danger anymore. Big trouble is coming down the pike…

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