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Are You A Weary Watchman?

by on August 29, 2013


“Honey, it’s time.”

“AGAIN? Are you sure this time? Never mind, I’ll get the car, your overnight bag is still in the trunk.”

How many times did my husband and I go to the hospital when expecting our first child?  Let’s just say that when it reallyhow-to-cope-with-labor-pain baby pregnancy was “time” neither of us believed it and we barely made it to the delivery room. Braxton Hicks labor pains and symptoms can be quite deceptive.  It is also referred to as “false labor” a most fitting description.  False labor presents itself like the real thing and unless you’re in-tune you can definitely be deceived.

How many times have we heard through the ages, through the years that “this is it”, the day of the Lord is at hand!  Unfortunately, these false labor symptoms have hardened some of us and has deafened our ears to the watchman’s cries of warning.  Don’t be one…

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