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by on September 27, 2013

Another Gr8 Historical Weapon


Secrets of the Viking Sword

A modern-day swordsmith reverse engineers the ultimate weapon of the Middle Ages—a sword both prized and feared. Aired September 25, 2013 on PBS

Ulfberht is a name given to unique Viking swords used throughout Scandinavia more than a thousand years ago, featuring steel of a quality that would not be equaled until 1,000 years later, in the Industrial Revolution. Alan Williams, a British historian, claimed that the Ulfberht was “the greatest sword ever made”, and surpassing weapons like the katana and longsword. Only 171 such swords have been found so far, but only a few are authentic Ulfberht swords.[1] The earliest date from 850

Modern-day blacksmith Richard Furrer successfully made a replica of an Ulfberht using a speculated method. How the weapons were actually made remains unknown as of today, because the knowledge was considered secret military information and thus was never…

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