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It’s the End of the Dress Rehearsal Citizens, This Is It!

by on September 28, 2013


Got Butterfly’s Now?

No more rehearing, this is it folks.   The stage is set, the players will manipulate their puppets with greater ambition, greater intensity, eager to please their revered producer, AC. The selective media has been intensely effective, and the watchmen have done all that they possibly could. It is absolutely, completely and most assuredly very real, and the “show” is about to begin. Take your seat, set aside the popcorn and watch utter CHAOS unfold before your very eyes.

Scene: America; center stage. Cue military, alien invasion,  foreign and domestic troops, black outs, control, comets, and depopulation  top priority.

The United Nations decision snapped into place on Friday, September 27, 2013 and has authorized the seizure of WMD in Syria.  Does anyone really believe that Assad will take this lying down?  Russia, a formidable foe, must be taken seriously and literally regarding their alliance with Syria.  Obama’s…

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