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A Word for Every Christian (Video)

by on March 30, 2014


A Word for Every Christian

March 30 2014

A word given while on our hike today.

Are you prepared?

“You are the chosen ones just as surely as I have formed the heavens, the earth and the seas.  I proclaim My word: evangelism.

This is to be your goal, My purpose; do you not know it?

Before the foundations of the earth I declared My day of salvation. I am the returning King; the Bridegroom comes for His brides.

I will pour out My Spirit as suddenly and with greater power as an erupting volcano.

I pour out the Refining Fire of My Spirit says the King of kings, Lord of lords!

Prepare. Prepare the harvest of souls.

Let your praises rise for My hearts desire is for all to know Me!

Let your praises rise!

I am here, My Spirit surrounds you; the love of My creation. My shinning…

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