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Not Now, I’m Having FUN! And Even Better It’s New Year Eve!

by on December 31, 2014


-party-animal-masquerade-mask-2469-pLet’s Par-tay! Woohoo!!

I look back at my life having fun, joking around with the guys, playing and working with my horses, lazy and hot days lying on the beach, the sound of the surf and the crashing waves still clear in my mind. Friendships forged, some forgotten and laid aside. Then as I got older, learning about drinking and sex and not joking around with the guys so much; life got a bit more serious. But still fun. I was enjoying my freedom on the fast track.

One of the supervisors where I was working asked me to lunch one day, I was thrilled and excited. I thought I knew what he was up to, and figured why not? He’s a good looking guy, let’s party! So off we went. As we ate, I kept thinking to myself, “Is all this guy can talk about is Jesus?” …

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