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Direction & How to Prepare

King of Kings forevermore say to you: “Let him who has an ear to hear, hear.”

Lift up your heads to the coming King. He Who rides the horse with across his thigh it is written, “King of kings and Lord of lords.”
You’re my people, yea, you are my friend. Yea you who are of my bosom – I, thee all sufficient One say to you, “Simplicity.” No, not simple. I say, “Simplicity.”

Date it. Recognize it. Declare it holy in My sight. On this anniversary of obedience I shall confirm My Word.

And they who do not know Me shall indeed know Me by you’re love.

Make room, My people. Make room first in your hearts. Then make room, prepare for a flood for I shall be honored and beheld for Who I Am. Thee I Am. And I will use you to bring many to come to know Me in purity and in truth.

You are set apart for this very purpose. For this army will be pure. This army is Mine. This army shall behold Him Who is your strength, Who is your shield, yea this army shall behold Me Face to face in the latter rain. No man shall see me and yet live – but I tell you – you shall, I will make way for this- you shall taste of me. Nay, not in full strength for I need you and the time is not yet.

Savor and digest what I have told you. Prepare, for it is mighty. Pray for those who will fall away along the wayside for these are the ones who did not prepare. I create in you a new thing. Now know it and make room at your inn, the inn of your heart.
See Me, hear Me, Know Me. For I Am the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac.

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